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Abstract art, Flowers from my garden

Elegant flower abstract of flowers.  I love the flow and what happen here. I used 8" x 10" canvas panel. Acrylics washes, with final coat to prevent from fading.

Abstract painting, "The Group" - Modern expressionism

"THE GROUP" is on 12" x 12" gallery wrapped canvas. I have been working on these 12" x 12" for a show. I have to work on 8 more of this size!! I am excited of this one with all that bright color and variations.
Price: $ 150
Contact: for any additional information.

"Poppy Fields" knife painting

 "POPPY FIELDS" is the painting I have been putting behind for a long time! Since I have been working on several 12" x 12" for a gallery, I picked up this as one of my subjects. I like textures, and I worked with knife to give a little textured look.

The nature is astonishing and inspiring! In May the fields are ablaze with poppies as far as we can see. The intense color looks like a wild fire!The first time when I saw the fields, I was speechless! (Portland, Oregon).
Size: 12" x 12"
Price: $150.00
Sides are painted with green color, no frame required
Shipping: Free.

Abstract art "THE FLOW"

"THE FLOW" is painted on 12" x 12" canvas
Bright colors and rich textures.
Has a glossy finish with a protective coating.
Will consider best offer