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Featured Artist

If you like art with a whirlwind of exciting, dramatic colors and emotions, then I guarantee Usha Patibandla’s abstract paintings will blow you away.

In her Energy series, Usha experiments with startling color combinations, far-out forms and flat-out otherworldly ferocity. This next painting in particular, entitled Energy 7, stood out to me through its sheer magnitude of color.

Those brilliant, liquid hues are absolutely astounding. . . it’s a painting that appears to be permanently in motion, like an atom exploding, an ice ball burning through space, or a topographical map teaming with contours.

Each of Usha’s paintings combine a strong composition with solid color schemes, forms and perspective. This is especially true of Merging, which captures the splendor of a flower in close proximity with Usha’s own distinctive flair.

As colors and shapes delicately butt heads within the tight frame, reality flies out the window. What I was once sure was a flower is now a butterfly—or is it? O…

Featured Artist

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