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Happy New Year


In Vizag, India

I am in India, Trying to adjust to the weather and surroundings. Have to start my project here, pursue where to get canvas and supplies. I am going to plan a show some time in January. Have to try hard to get some work done by then since I don't have any of my paintings with me.

Abstract painting A NIGHT IN MUSIC CITY by Usha

My latest work Music Series, A night in Music City in Mixed media. As I love rich and vibrant colors, here is another one of my music series in a much larger size. Size: 40" x 40" (4 x 20" x 20") Gallery wrapped, depth: 2.5" Medium: Mixed media Price will be provided on request.
Gallery wrapped, no staples on the side and no frame necessary. With final protective coat on. Sides are painted in black.  For details Contact artist here Check out my web site for more paintings.

Music Series, Mixed media by Usha

My new painting, Music series, diptych on 12" x 24" x 2 gallery wrapped canvas. As I always mention, I love to experiment with textures.  In this painting I used lot of textured work Golden raised paste, Golden medium to mount  the textured surfaces and Golden acrylic colors. SOLD                                                Contact Usha
Web site:

The BLUES FESTIVAL Great show!

Polk Street Blues Festival, Saturday and Sunday show is a blast! Nice crowd,  Good music, wonderful comments. I am so glad for participating in this show. Every one passing by my stall, ended up saying WOW!! This is all I heard all day, WWoW!! What a energy!
Some artists have come in to let me know their comments. "So much variety"! "Great colors!"." I am getting inspired!". " How did you do this?"
 All day this is what I went through. Amazing experience! Thank you guys for the wonderful compliments.

Show information

These pictures ae form Mountain view art and wine festiavl, California. I, with my family had so much fun.  The show was for two days, Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was good, but Sunday we had a blast!
All that I can hear from inside the booth is WOW!!!! So energetic! Happy!! Most of them spent some time to look at every displays, and wonderful coments. Way encouraging!
While I am having all this fun, my family was waiting out side in the shade and trying to somehow spend their time. I know it is not a easy job for them. They did it any way for me!  Thanks a lot to all my family! Starting form left My Daughter, Son, Son in law, My youngest Brother.

Getting ready for the next show

Am excited to get ready for the next show at the Mountain View art and wine festival.

California art and wine festival

The previous show at San Rafael gave me a lot of confidence.  I am going ahead with all the support, compliments and wonderful comments I got from the audience.

Honorable mention for my abstract painting!

Happy to know that my work has been picked as on in the contest. Thanks guys!

Art Display in California, San Rafael

My display in California will be at booth #25 named "Abstracts & Textures". Would love to see you there!
Link to the festival: My art link to see a few samples of work:
Please forward the link to any of your friends who might be interested.

Amazing experiences in my trip

The trip went pretty good and the experiences at each stop were just amazing! The Grand Canyon South Rim, Sky-Walk at the Grand Canyon West Rim and the view from all angles was unforgettable! The IMAX Movie show about the Grand Canyon was an incredibly different and breathtaking experience!
Las Vegas! A complete different world! The Casinos, the Hotels, New York, New York, Shows, Light-n-Sound- Musical Fountain show, Volcano eruption show, the pirates show, each and every minute was a thrilling experience.

Road trip

I am inspired by one of the artist blogger DJ's Studio.  I decided to post some thing every day if not a painting, an explanation.

This will be my post till I reach California. I am starting early hours tomorrow on a road trip to California. My son is here with me from India. So I thought we will have more fun and get to see a lot if we travel by road. I will be taking pictures and post them when I get a chance.

I am also dreaming about Grand Canyon! I have seen lots of pictures  at work as a framer and I would love to take some in this visit and use them as reference for my abstract painting.

Once i reach California, I have to get ready for the show. Shipped all my paintings, haven't finished the varnishing yet, some canvas needs stretching. Still lots of work! I hope I will receive all my paintings in a good shape!

Thank you all and wish me good luck.

"Contrast" Abstract Painting

I love the color variations in this one.  Beautiful texture, design. 
PAINT OUT LOUD! Size 20" x 16" Medium: Acrylics Price:

Abstract Painting Amazing Space by Usha

'Amazing Space ' Amazing color variations and nice rich blues takes you to the space.  20" x 16" canvas No frame included.  Price: My web site: To contact me:

'Earth Tones flow' Painting

My Flow painting for the day. 
I am so thrilled with the flow painting I worked on yesterday. Used different colors, my colors the earth tones - browns and gave a punch with the bright blue. Worked out. After looking on the computer screen, I have this thought. It will make a beautiful addition if I do a similar one to this painting and add as diptych or triptych. 
I will work on it. It is very difficult to replicate any of these paintings. But I will give it a try.  Thanks for looking. 

This is what I am looking for.

Technique and Instructions on how to work on YUPO paper by Usha

Yupo Paper is the most versatile paper I have used so far.  It is a synthetic, plastic like paper and used for business cards and so on.   YUPO is the waterproof, tree-free Synthetic Paper with properties that make it the perfect solution for a variety of marketing, design, packaging and labeling needs. Check the web site here: A big advantage is if you are not satisfied with the painting, before it dries, you can just wipe it all off with water and start over. I used Acrylics, watercolors on this paper and it works perfect.  Can do lot of experiments to achieve different textures.   One method I would like to discuss here is lifting. We need two sheets of yupo paper for this method. Lay out the yupo sheet you are going to paint on top of a flat surface or a water color board. Tack the sheet in two places with a clear adhesive tape.  Lay the acrylic colors on the flat sheet and spread out the colors as you like.  Make sure the colors…

Color Splashes 'The blue Light' Modern Contemporary paintings By Usha Nagubadi

Color splashes 'THE BLUE LIGHT'  on gold metallic background
Close up view of 'The blue light' Close up view of  'The Blue light'. Rich texture with a powerful color variations. Size: 20" x 16" Click on the name to Contact Usha

Abstract painting "The Journey"

"The Journey"  My interpretation about life. Blue background. Medium: Acrylic on canvas Size: 20" x 16"
Different views of the painting that I love.
Different views of the painting that I love.
Different views of the painting that I love. It is so so interesting to work with all these rich colors and the texture, the details are just amazing!  Please contact Usha at for details. SOLD

" A Ring of Thoughts" Spiritual Series by Usha

" A Ring of Thoughts" Spiritual / Relaxation Series 4 A beautiful swirly circular colors in different , complex color blends takes your eye into trans.  Name:A Ring of Thoughts, Spiritual / Meditation / Relaxation Series 4 Size: 20" x 16" Medium: Acrylic Price: $ 100.00 Contact Usha at or can go to my EBAY store at This link hereEbay store SOLD

Meditataion / Relaxation Series 3

My "Meditation / Relaxation Series3" A beautiful swirly circular colors in different , complex color blends takes your eye into trans.  Name: Meditation / Relaxation Series 3 Size: 20" x 16" Medium: Acrylic Price: $ 100.00 Contact Usha at or can go to my EBAY store at This link hereMy Ebay Store

"The Unknown World" Abstract, expressionistic painting,

The Unknown World
Room view is for illustration purpose only. Not to scale.
"The Unknown World" 
Gallery wrapped canvas. No frame required. Sides are painted in black.  UV protective final coat is applied to protect from light and dust. 
Size: 24" x 36" Medium: Acrylic Price: Best offer Contact : Usha at

Abstract painting "Splash!"

A Green splash on canvas.  Vibrant colors and can be displayed Vertical or horizontal.  A glossy Uv coat has been applied as a top coat to protect from dust and light.  Frame not included. Signed by artist.  Size: 20" x 16" Price: $ 100.00 plus shipping $15.00 Contact Usha at

Abstract Painting by Alabama Artist Usha

Abstract Painting
Room view is for Illustration purpose only. Not to scale.

Abstract painting of reds and yellows. Makes the room bright and grabs the attention.  Size: 20" x 16" Acrylics on canvas. Price: contact Usha at

Meditation series 2 by Usha

Meditation Series 2
Great colors, soothing to the eye, creates a peaceful atmosphere.  Calm and cool colors.  Size:18" x 24"  Please contact Usha if interested.

Meditation series1

Meditation series 1
I have started Meditation series and going to work on a couple on this series.  So pleasing, relaxing, soothing to the eye, takes you to the celestial bodies, sky, universe.  I am having great fun and thrill working on these.  Size: $ 16" x 20" with no frame.  Contact Usha if interested.

THE FORCE! Abstract painting by Alabama Artist Usha

The Force
Getting into the painting mood again.   People do not realize the force with in them.  I believe it flows when the necessity arises.  Until then it is passive and dormant within.   20" x 16" canvas. Medium: Mixed media Contact Usha for details.

Black and red flow painting by Alabama artist Usha

After a long break my new flow work is up! This is a 46" x 26" acrylic flow painting. Not stretched, will look great on a red wall or any dark wall.  I love black and red combination and I know it works on any modern wall.  Have any recommendations for the name? Please email me.  Contact Usha if you have any questions or for a details.  Thanks for looking.

Playground magazine, Artist spotlight

News link: Web:
Karoleigh Allison wrote an article about me in Playground Magazine.  I was thrilled and would like to share it here. Thanks Karoleigh. Visit the web site