Technique and Instructions on how to work on YUPO paper by Usha

Yupo Paper is the most versatile paper I have used so far.  It is a synthetic, plastic like paper and used for business cards and so on.   YUPO is the waterproof, tree-free Synthetic Paper with properties that make it the perfect solution for a variety of marketing, design, packaging and labeling needs. Check the web site here:
A big advantage is if you are not satisfied with the painting, before it dries, you can just wipe it all off with water and start over. I used Acrylics, watercolors on this paper and it works perfect.  Can do lot of experiments to achieve different textures.  
One method I would like to discuss here is lifting. We need two sheets of yupo paper for this method.
Lay out the yupo sheet you are going to paint on top of a flat surface or a water color board. Tack the sheet in two places with a clear adhesive tape.  Lay the acrylic colors on the flat sheet and spread out the colors as you like.  Make sure the colors are still wet, but not too much water.  Lay the second paper on top of the colored one and lightly dab it.  You may leave it for 3 to 4 minutes.  Slowly lift the top layer without rubbing or smudging the colors. You will see the same pattern on both sides of the sheet.  It is surprising to see how many kinds of designs we can achieve with this technique.

This is a 11" x 14" sheet mirrored  design with this same technique. 

Individual sheets shown separate. 
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