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Getting back! Am I an artist!

This morning in my Emails I saw this Fineartviews newsletter with this subject. Found interesting! I read it and he is so true! I am not the only one!  Even though my version is little different, the final result is the same.
Painting for all to see, is my gift.
Sharing my creation on my website is my gift. “Art cannot be merely commerce. It must also be a gift. The artist creates his idea knowing that it will spread freely, without recompense. Sure, the physical manifestation of the art might sell for a million dollars, but that painting or that song is also going to be enjoyed by someone who didn’t pay for it”.  Just loved it. I am strong and getting back to my paintings already. I think I am ready to post some soon before I start my travel.
Am I An Artist?
by Moshe Mikanovsky

You might have noticed that I have been away for sometime. Or have you?

The fact is, that I have not painted since the year started. I have not written, nor updated my blog. So what happened?

In one word – Resis…