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Abstract painting "The blue Stroke" by Alabama Artist Usha

"The Blue Stroke" is a acrylic painting on a heavy Strathmore cold press paper. About 7" x 8" size.  Price: $75.00 This season is pretty bad for arthritis I guess! Not doing too good with my pains, but I like winter!!!  I like cold weather!  

Portrait Commissions & Figures by Usha

Portrait . Work in progress
A big size portrait I am working on on a 24" x  48"  I wanted to simplify and make the portraits look more painterly than too realistic. 

Portrait of John and Liz

After playing with the back ground, changing it couple of times, I am finally  happy with this back ground.  It has been also difficult to get a correct tone picture since it has a lot of blues. So I have to get pictures with 2 different cameras, to compare.  The skin tones are little different still than in the painting, but, I think  these are the best I can capture.  Thanks for looking! Appreciate your comments. 

Still Life "Pepper !" by Alabama Artist Usha

Still Life "Pepper !" by Alabama Artist Usha I love to paint red peppers. Working on color variations in red is difficult. Can't mix whites! Isn't it fun!  8" x 10" canvas panel Price: $ 100.00 Shipping: Free Contact Usha at: Usha, AL USA