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Portrait of Uncle

This is my loving uncle's portrait I attempted in realistic painting method. He passed away this October, while I was in US. I want to show my gratitude towards him through this painting.
16"x 20" Canvas.


A new portrait I worked on couple of days ago. It is a 11" x 14" panel.  After a long time I started working on my oils again and I am happy that I am back to my work.

Out door portrait

A ref image from WC. I am experimenting to get to work with shadows and reflections. Unfortunately I started this on a 100% cotton oil paper pad for which I regret. It started absorbing the paint even after couple of cots. I promised my self that I wont even try this oil paper board again.

One image was taken with my camera and one with Ipad.

Comments are always welcome. 

Portrait revisited

I felt like I have to change the background color on this portrait so I did and a couple of corrections. I am happy with this now. Appreciate any comments/ suggestions.

Oil portrait

After a long time I started painting again! The new house is done and finally back to my passion!
This is my grandson,all grown up and I love him, his charming beauty, his mannerisms, his cleanliness all of it.

Its a oil medium 8" x 10" canvas.