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Portrait comission

The portrait is complete and I am ready to let it go to its home. I got so attached to this portrait because of the story behind it. A lovely present to his partner from Donall.  She is pregnant and he wants to imagine how his family will look when the baby turns into a teenager. I thought this is a wonderful idea! So I ended up with my imagination about the unborn girl's facial features as a teenager, their son who is about 4-5 yrs old, and added some age to the couple. This is something completely imaginative and I am  surprised and thrilled with the finished painting!I think this is a great idea to put it on canvas. I fully enjoyed working on this painting. Thank you Donall for involving me and comissioning this portrait.

My latest Portrait comission

After a long gap I started working on my latest portrait commission. I love the warmth, the reddish skintones and the darks! While waiting for my garndson, I worked on this commission. I thought may be I wont be able to complete it in time. But I think my garndson is cooperating with me. here I am still waiting for him.

This painting has a story. Love to hear some comments, and I will write the story soon.