My latest Portrait comission

After a long gap I started working on my latest portrait commission. I love the warmth, the reddish skintones and the darks! While waiting for my garndson, I worked on this commission. I thought may be I wont be able to complete it in time. But I think my garndson is cooperating with me. here I am still waiting for him.

This painting has a story. Love to hear some comments, and I will write the story soon.


What an adorable portrait Ushaji !! Loved the skin tones and bright t-shirt colors !! Congrats!
Anonymous said…
Its a beautiful portrait! They will admire it I know! What a tallent you got there! Wow!
Anonymous said…
I always loved your work Usha. What else can I say! You are amazing in person and work!

Donall said…
Usha is an artistic genius!
I wanted to do somthing special for my fiance's bday. We have been trying to get pregnant for a few months now and (we've been talking about girl names, strongly thinking we would have a girl) I thought it would be amazing (but far fetched) to pull the future to present by aging me, my fiance' and stepson and totally creating our unborn daughter by using our features. I needed a miracle because I only had alittle over a week until my fiance's bday. Usha responded and said she would love to do it. I sent pictures and Explained features through email. When she emailed me the finished portrait I was speachless and different types of emotions hit me all at once. Before I could gather myself, tears started falling (ONLY 2 tho lol).
I met up with Usha 2days after to purchase the portrait and I swear she had an aura around her and a brite, warm smile! lol (she's a beautiful person). I HAD to hug her because she realistically preserved my future on canvas, we talked alittle more then I left.

When I got home my fiance' wanted 2 see what I had so I said "Happy bday" and showed her. She looked confused at first. Then before I could explain it to her she started crying and said "I know". I said "Do you know who the girl is"? She said "yes... Aspen".

We love the portrait! I never mentioned how i wanted the layout either. I couldnt be more happier with it. USHA IS A TRUE ARTIST! She loves what she does and it shows!! Thank you Usha
ush said…
Thank you Donall for giving me the opportunity to work on your beautiful family - painting.

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