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Portrait on Porcelain Tile "My Daughter"

A portrait I did some time ago on 8" x 10" porcelain tile, with several kiln firings  to make the colors permanent.  Won best of the show award and was displayed in  a Gallery for a year.  Yes! It is my daughter!

Snow in Alabama!

It is snowing in Alabama!!!  Never seen snow here like this in 10 years! Going to be 4 " snow as per the forecast.  I am glad, I dint have to drive to day in snow!!1

Abstract painting REDS by Alabama Artist Usha

A 12" x 12" abstract painting with lots of reds and lot more transparency.  This one is a sample for my huge works.  Thanks for watching! Contact me if interested.

Portrait Commissions & Figures by Usha

Portrait of a young women. She is so beautiful! Inside and out.  I like the glow and the confidence she has on her face!  I love to achieve the feelings and the inner beauty in portraits.  She just got married!  Oils, on canvas panel, 11" x 14"