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June Yong meet-the-artistportrait-painting There have been several occasions when my clients hugged me and were in tears because they can see the life and depth in my works. For me it is all about that connection and till I have that, I do not feel satisfied. Usha Patibandla has a deep-seated passion for colors and for bringing life to paintings.
Years of training in media such as oils, acrylic, porcelain, pastels, abstracts, mixed media and pottery has brought her to where she is now – known nationally and internationally, as an artist who brings life into canvas.
She works at each painting with just one goal in mind, "that is to connect with people — to bring a smile to a face, to bring a tear to an eye, to bring back a sweet memory, to take one to their land of dreams and then to bring them back to reality."

Free Spirit by Usha Patibandla
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