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Future musician in oils

I love this picture. My Future Musician is 4 months old and already interested in music.  I believe he will be a musician in future! He stares at the person singing, when the song stops, baby says uah, uah asking the person to keep singing. I think it is amazing!

Red jacket!

This is my next painting  worked on lately. She is 4 years of age and she wanted a pink jacket! Her favorite colors are pink and purple. I have to convince her to keep it red as the red was looking cute on her. Ended up painting her shoes in pink to make her happy.


Oil on canvas portrait I worked on this month.
The girl is only 4 years but she looks so matured and sweet! I loved her expression and the way she is holding her baby brother!

Getting back! Am I an artist!

This morning in my Emails I saw this Fineartviews newsletter with this subject. Found interesting! I read it and he is so true! I am not the only one!  Even though my version is little different, the final result is the same.
Painting for all to see, is my gift.
Sharing my creation on my website is my gift. “Art cannot be merely commerce. It must also be a gift. The artist creates his idea knowing that it will spread freely, without recompense. Sure, the physical manifestation of the art might sell for a million dollars, but that painting or that song is also going to be enjoyed by someone who didn’t pay for it”.  Just loved it. I am strong and getting back to my paintings already. I think I am ready to post some soon before I start my travel.
Am I An Artist?
by Moshe Mikanovsky

You might have noticed that I have been away for sometime. Or have you?

The fact is, that I have not painted since the year started. I have not written, nor updated my blog. So what happened?

In one word – Resis…

My images got deleted!

Sorry all! My images got deleted by mistake which is an awkward situation! I am trying to build up the blog again and get back to it. Sorry for all the inconvenience!

Featured Artist

If you like art with a whirlwind of exciting, dramatic colors and emotions, then I guarantee Usha Patibandla’s abstract paintings will blow you away.

In her Energy series, Usha experiments with startling color combinations, far-out forms and flat-out otherworldly ferocity. This next painting in particular, entitled Energy 7, stood out to me through its sheer magnitude of color.

Those brilliant, liquid hues are absolutely astounding. . . it’s a painting that appears to be permanently in motion, like an atom exploding, an ice ball burning through space, or a topographical map teaming with contours.

Each of Usha’s paintings combine a strong composition with solid color schemes, forms and perspective. This is especially true of Merging, which captures the splendor of a flower in close proximity with Usha’s own distinctive flair.

As colors and shapes delicately butt heads within the tight frame, reality flies out the window. What I was once sure was a flower is now a butterfly—or is it? O…

Featured Artist

I am happy to be the Featured Artist for Empty
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