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Color balance

Oil painting version of a rose with different color tones and values.


I worked with oils on a 8" x 10" canvas panel. I was experimenting with light,  warm and cool color scheme. Working on another light and shadow painting simultaneously.  Experiments are good to learn and develop more knowledge in any field I believe.  I treat my self as a learner every day.   Please visit my web site for more paintings


A set of glass wine set. This set has become my model for the day. Oil painting on mounted canvas. Please contact if interested. 

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This is the final stage of the painting which I finished yesterday.

Oil Portrait

After a long gap, I started painting again and this is one of my latest portrait in progress. This is the picture of a very famous math master in a high school, Kolhapur, Mahbubnagar District, Telangana State, India, who helped a lot of his students educating them and leading them in the right path to reach very highest levels in their lives. All his famous students published a book reminiscing their experiences with their teacher and the great influence he exerted in their lives.
I felt proud to be working on this painting to bring back his memories. This is a sketch I made with a value scale by applying black and white colors.