Abstract painting A NIGHT IN MUSIC CITY by Usha

My latest work Music Series, A night in Music City in Mixed media.
As I love rich and vibrant colors, here is another one of my music series in a much larger size.
Size: 40" x 40" (4 x 20" x 20")
Gallery wrapped, depth: 2.5"
Medium: Mixed media
Price will be provided on request.

Gallery wrapped, no staples on the side and no frame necessary.
With final protective coat on.
Sides are painted in black. 
For details Contact artist here
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Anonymous said…
The versatility with which you paint, truly amazes me. I see artists who either can paint abstracts well, or are experts in fine arts. You have both, as well as a remarkable, truly remarkable sense of colors...Looking forward to your next one.

Pratik R
ush said…
Thanks Pratik.

Appreciate your comments.
Any style of Art is something I enjoy immerse my self into and play with the colors.

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