Road trip

I am inspired by one of the artist blogger DJ's Studio.  I decided to post some thing every day if not a painting, an explanation.

This will be my post till I reach California. I am starting early hours tomorrow on a road trip to California. My son is here with me from India. So I thought we will have more fun and get to see a lot if we travel by road. I will be taking pictures and post them when I get a chance.

I am also dreaming about Grand Canyon! I have seen lots of pictures  at work as a framer and I would love to take some in this visit and use them as reference for my abstract painting.

Once i reach California, I have to get ready for the show. Shipped all my paintings, haven't finished the varnishing yet, some canvas needs stretching. Still lots of work! I hope I will receive all my paintings in a good shape!

Thank you all and wish me good luck.


DJ said…
Usha, Your paintings always inspire me.
As for your trip, how exciting to spend that wonderful time with your son and see the sights along the way.
Travel safely and best wishes on your show!
Love & Laughter,
Nancy Goldman said…
Good luck with your show and enjoy your trip.
Pat Koscienski said…
Good luck with your exhibit, Usha. Your work is beautiful and you will do well.

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